From 1942 3CR RAAF Kowguran

During World War II RAAF Kowguran Sub-depot to No. 3 Central Reserve Explosive Store was located 20km north of Miles on the Leichhardt Highway. (350km west of Brisbane).

It comprised of 20 concrete underground bunkers and 25 timber accommodation and administration buildings.

Normal strength for the unit was about 60 airmen and officers.

RAAF Kowguran was the main explosive store on the Brisbane line, holding at times 2500 tons of bombs and ammunition.

In 1957 RAAF Kowguran was disbanded and all but the underground bunkers and two small brick buildings were sold for removal.

Bunkers with 2 Air Vents

Size = 20ft x 20ft with 9inch reinforced concrete stored small arms ammunitions stores or fuse & Detonator stores.

Bunkers with 5 Air Vents

Size = 40ft x 20ft with 9inch reinforced concrete stored smaller 30lb bombs that could be manhandled also incendiary bombs up to 250Ib and general purpose bombs. 

Bunkers with 7 Air Vents

Size = 60ft x 20ft with 13 inches of reinforced concrete to support a gantry rail inside for lifting the bombs. stored 500Ib 1000lb 2000Lb armour piercing aerial bombs for use against a Japanese invasion fleet.

Present Day Possum Park

Today all of the explosives are gone. In 1985 David and Julie Hinds purchased the disused bunkers on 360 acres of land and renamed RAAF Kowguran as Possum Park.


Since then several of the underground bunkers have been converted into modern self contained units for tourist accommodation.

1-8 & 10-16 Locked Storage, 9 Open to walk inside, 17,19,20 Accommodation, 18 Park Office – Julie and David.

Train Carriages

The troop trains that bought ‘the boys’ and the bombs to ‘Kowguran’ have been re-fitted as modern self-contained motel style units.

Man Proof Fence

Still visible is the original man proof timber offset posts 17 strand barb wire fence that surrounds Possum Park.

To protect your privacy as paying guests David & Julie discourage casual sightseeing. This is also a No Dog Policy Park.

Its an ideal halfway stopover to the Carnarvon Gorge or Rockhampton and North Queensland, and it’s on the preferred route to the ‘Hall of Fame’ and the Matilda Highway.