Train Carriages

Arrival of Train Carriages

Possum Park train carriages were surplus to requirements for Queensland Rail in the early 1990’s. Being put out of service mainly because of manual couplings.

Our string of carriages have the appearance of a troop train of the 1940/50’s era having being shunted over the railway crossing into the goods yard beside the platform of Kowguran 3CR.

TV Room / Library Train Carriage
TV Room

BBV 1639 Passenger guards van with radio.

If you need to catch up on some news or sport, there’s a TV Room located in the train carriage behind the oval.


If you would like some quiet time, then the library train carriage is the perfect solution. It also has a small book exchange program if you wish to use.

Coach Drivers Room / Wagon / Railway Stock
Coach Drivers Room / Chris Osborne Art Gallery

The Manly goods van was built in 1966, arrived at Possum Park March 1994, know as the coach drivers room. Now 30 years later resident artist Chris Osborne is converting it into his art gallery & studio. (grand opening 25 Feb 2024)

Z Freight Wagon

Built by Evans Deakin & Co Ltd 1950 Brisbane

Railway Crossing Signs

Purchased in 1993 from Queensland Rail surplus material from Wandoan railway siding.

1 Tonne Manual Crane

Came from Dulacca railway siding, made by Haslam & Co Ltd Engineers Derby England

CW92 & CW93 Train Carriages
CW92 & CW93

Camp Wagons

Longer Stay Accommodation

These train carriages have been turned into accommodation and currently have longer stay resident occupying them.

No94 & No95 Train Carriages

TGVS Guards Van with periscope vision and strong room.


CLC Louver Van designed by commissioner Morriarty

Train Accommodation

If a train carriage is more your style, you’ll appreciate the care that’s gone into the restoration of these characteristic pieces of history!

There’s a fully self-contained kitchen, complete with a microwave!

Your comfy lounge awaits with television of course!

Toilets and showers are incorporated into the clever designs and a comfortable bed will be welcomed!

In all units, linen and towels are provided, as is cutlery and crockery. All you need to bring is your food!

All units are equipped with reverse cycle air conditioners for your year-round comfort.


$120 per night – Double

Bed Configurations

Carriage 94 = 1x Double Bed
Carriage 95 = 1x Double Bed

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